Doors are the gateways into and around your home. At Supercraft, we pride ourselves on providing an extensive range of beautiful yet practical door designs suitable for any home.  Combining top-of-the-range security features with stunning design, our doors not only improve the aesthetics of your home, but give you peace of mind that your home is protected.  Whether you are looking to change exterior or interior doors, or improve the flow between your inside and outside spaces with patio, French or bi-fold doors, Supercraft have options to perfectly suit all of your different tastes and requirements.


Bi-Fold Doors


Windows are so much more than a way of ventilating your home and letting in light, they are part of the intrinsic personality of your home and a style statement in their own right. Blending style and security, however, is paramount. Windows have traditionally been viewed as a safety weak point, but Supercraft’s superior locking systems offer peace of mind that your home is protected as well as pleasing to the eye. Our focus is also on thermal efficiency, maintaining the temperature within your home and preventing heat loss. We’ve got the right solution for your home improvement needs.



We have a range of different doors and windows styles to suit your requirements

Bi-Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors enable you to open up your living area like no other, maximising on space and  creating a wonderful flow between rooms, or from your inside space to outdoors.  They work well to incorporate conservatories and orangeries more smoothly in to the overall feel of the house, or to help you achieve an open plan feel rather than feeling boxed-in.  They can be used within the framework of your home as well as opening up to the outdoors. The advantages are a flooding of natural light, increased manoeuvrability, as well as an eye-catching modern look to your home.

Bi-Fold Doors

Composite Doors

Composite doors utilise a range of materials to create a robust, ultra-secure exterior door. They offer the perfect fusion of exceptional design and superior security features, so neither need be compromised when choosing the right front or rear entrance doors to your home.  Not only do they create a stylish entrance to your home, with an effective realistic wood-grain effect, they offer enhanced benefits over traditional hardwood or uPVC doors in that they are low maintenance, difficult to scratch or damage, have no risk of warping and cannot be forcibly levered.  Their proven high resistance to weathering and temperature change makes them the number one choice for exterior doors in the modern home.  An insulating foam core helps keep your home cosy and warm and you can rest assured that the material will not suffer from fading or discolouration, season after season.

Showroom Composite Doors

70mm Composite Doors

70mm Composite Meridian doors provide an ideal solution as an exterior door, integrating the highest quality materials with advanced security features that offer an outstanding defence against intruders. The result is an attractive looking door that will stand the test of time and ensure safety remains paramount. With meridian doors, you are still able customise your door to suit your personal taste with a choice of glazing, door furniture and colour options available.


French Doors

Introduce a taste of the continent to your home and make the most of your living space by installing French doors. French doors bathe the room in natural sunlight and make the transition between inside and out a wonderful focal point. French doors make a beautiful feature between a conservatory or extension and your main home, or as an external door straight out into your garden, making your internal space versatile and easy to use. Supercraft French doors are available in aluminium or uPVC.

The beauty of French doors is their double opening feature, which makes a delightful light-enhancing entrance to your home. With strong frames and Supercraft’s superior locking system, there is no need to compromise on security when making French doors a prominent feature of your home. You can adapt how the doors open, as well as ensure restrictions on opening distances to protect children from catching fingers or being bumped by a door in high winds.

French Doors

Patio Doors

If you’re looking for an uninterrupted garden view, or a convenient garden entry point, patio doors offer a striking and functional feature in your home.  As well as establishing an attractive entrance to your outside space, they are ideal for creating a bright and airy space, bathing your room in daylight. Supercraft’s slimline patio doors provide you with a conventional sliding panel on an external track that comes with two, three and four panel options, enabling you to get exactly what is right for your space. Patio doors can incorporate easy-glide features, with sliding panels that move seamlessly over the fixed panel on opening, and align flush when closed, enabling you to maximise the space in your home.


uPVC Doors

uPVC doors offer fantastic value for money, providing a resilient, hard-wearing and secure door for your home at an affordable price.  Suitable for all exterior doors, they are easy to maintain and can improve the curb appeal of any property.  The Supercraft range of uPVC doors includes various designs, with or without glass panels in a selection of shapes and sizes.

We stock an extensive range of door furniture, including numbers, letters, letterboxes, handles and knockers. The different options enable you to personalise your door to your taste and make it unique to you.

Our uPVC doors are fitted with tight seals to ensure a snug fit that keeps the weather out and the warmth in. In addition, they come with thermally efficient glass which helps vastly reduce heat loss and conserves your home energy.


Aluminium Doors

Aluminium doors are available in a wide range of styles, designed to complement the look and feel of any home. The durable properties of aluminium allow you to incorporate a large amount of glass, whilst maintaining a slimline look, making them a popular option where you’re looking to maximise on the natural light coming into your home. With a variety of finishes available, from original metallic to wood grain or a vast choice of colours, you can tailor the look you want.

Aluminium Bi-Fold Door

A-Rated Windows

Using advanced uPVC and aluminium technology, Supercraft are able to bring you the best looking A-rated windows, complete with thermal insulation, acoustic performance and security. With our extensive range to choose from, you can select just the right style for your home, office or shop front. Our A-rated windows are manufactured using the latest multi-joint welding equipment allowing us to guarantee perfect square fitments and long-term quality. Whatever your window requirements, Supercraft can fit the bill.


Casement Windows

Casement windows are an ideal choice if you’re looking to achieve noise-minimisation and reduced heat loss, and are a popular option for the contemporary home. These are modern windows that give you everything – good looks, durability and security. The high impact frames are long-lasting and will stand up to both the British weather and intruders. These windows are also suitable for use as additional fire exits as they open to ninety-degrees, a feature that also comes in very handy for ease of cleaning.


Sash Windows

In-keeping with a period look, but with the benefits of modern uPVC, Supercraft sash windows are a beautiful option for your property. Our sash windows use hardware from the industry’s leading specialists and are available in a range of attractive finishes, including gold, white and chrome. Our sash windows are secure and easy to maintain and have been awarded superior A, B or C ratings for thermal efficiency.

Sash Windows

Tilt And Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows afford versatility and a harmonious blend of modernity and light that can be a beautiful addition to your home. The gradual and secure ventilation opportunities make them ideal for use in conservatories, but can be incorporated throughout the home. The staged twist opening process allows variable opening options and multi-point locking secures your home.

Tilt and Turn Window

Aluminium Windows

Supercraft recommend aluminium as the material of choice if you want a sleek look for your home windows.  The strength of the aluminium frame allows for a large glazed area, making them tough and durable whilst offering chic elegance and thermal efficiency.  With a wide range of colours and wood effects to choose from, there also need be no compromise on style.


Flush Casement

Flush Casement windows offer a modern, unique alternative to windows. Optima Flush Casements replicate the timber’s original appearance to perfection but go well beyond in terms of thermal performance and weathering capability. Now it’s possible to have the look you want and the comfort you need.

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