Home Extensions and Conservatories: Which is better?

House extensions are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners who want to expand their living space while also improving the value of their homes. If you’ve been considering expanding your living space, you’ll need to select between a conservatory and an extension.

Many people mistakenly believe that house extensions are the same as ordinary conservatories, but they differ significantly, making them the best option for homeowners seeking a glass expansion. If you want to add more room to the ground floor of your house, deciding between an extension and a conservatory is likely to be a major decision. This is especially true if you want to invite the outdoors inside.

Both have advantages and disadvantages, but both are excellent ways to enhance your space and home value. However, which one would best meet your needs will be determined by several things. These include the purpose of the room, your budget, the style of your home, and the amount of extra space you require.


Despite their obvious similarities, the two extensions have distinct characteristics that distinguish them as two independent constructions. To begin, a conservatory is a home addition with glass walls and a roof that comes in a variety of styles and glazing options. Dwarf walls are generally used to support it. Building requirements are frequently required before work on a conservatory can begin, which can slow down the construction process.

Similarly, a house extension has glass walls and a roof. It is also sometimes supported by dwarf walls. However, it is erected between specifically engineered pillars that provide more structural integrity. Furthermore, with higher thermal efficiency that can help you save money on your utility bills, a house extension is a more energy-efficient choice. In addition, house extensions are far more visually appealing both inside and out, allowing you to simply add substantial market worth to your home.

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A conservatory is usually cheaper than a home extension of approximately the same size. The difference in price depends on how big the floor area is, whether it is a complex build, and the quality of materials used for the construction.

Installing a conservatory rather than building a home extension will usually save you a lot of money. Unlike conservatories, which are usually priced according to the size and design you choose, extension prices are usually calculated per square metre. It’s crucial to keep in mind, though, that a builder’s estimate for the cost of an expansion is merely a rough estimate. In reality, a variety of concerns might arise throughout the construction process. These include drainage or foundation issues, which may necessitate additional work by your builder. As a result, you may wish to set aside some extra money for a contingency fund and consider it into your overall budget.

What’s the difference between a conservatory, orangery or extension?

The decision to improve your home is an exciting one, but there are so many options available, which can often make it difficult to know where to start. Home improvements differ depending on the owner, but we have found that one common question is: What’s the difference between a conservatory, orangery or extension? And which one should you go for? 


Conservatories are usually glass-built structures that were originally introduced to aid the growth of plant life and are traditionally attached to the back of your home. Conservatories are now used as extra living space, so if you need a bit more space at home, a conservatory is a way to go.

Conservatories remain the most popular addition to add valuable space and value to a home. If you’re looking for a stylish entertaining space, cosy family area, a way to maximize surrounding views or a practical home office, Supercraft can design and create your ideal room. Supercraft’s bespoke service sets us apart – you get the perfect conservatory, tailored to your individual requirements, at the best price.


Residence 9 Orangery

Originally designed for the aristocracy, orangeries have become a popular design feature in the United Kingdom. Orangeries were formerly used to support the growth of plant life, but today serve as a year-round living place. Columns support a roof made of internal pelmets and glass panels, which distinguishes orangeries from conservatories. 

If you’re looking to increase the space in your home with style and elegance, then an orangery is a perfect choice. Combining structured brickwork walls with large expanses of glazing, as well as beautiful roofs, orangeries are striking extensions that add value. Light and spacious, yet cosy and warm, they can be used all year round as additional, functional living spaces.


Extensions can be built in a variety of locations in your home and for a variety of purposes. They are an alternative to conservatories or orangeries in that they might include a new kitchen, bedroom, lounge, or dining area. They are built with insulated walls and a roof and are typically used all year. Additionally, those looking to add an extension may require planning approval, and will almost certainly need a building permit approval.

Adding this extension is one of the biggest changes you will make. Supercraft Window has local design experts who are able to guide you through the whole process, ensuring the smooth running of the project every step of the way. From planning, design and installation, whatever you are looking to create we will help you achieve superior results, giving you the perfect additional living space.

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Top Tips for Transforming Your Conservatory

If you’ve got an old conservatory with a plastic roof, then you’re probably familiar with the host of common conservatory problems that may arise over time. From leaky roofs and sticky windows to extreme temperatures and condensation, there are quite a few common issues that come with an old conservatory. Many homeowners just don’t know what to do with an old conservatory or how to transform it into a functional home extension. Here at Supercraft Windows, we have put together a few of our top tips for transforming your conservatory in 2021.


  • Beware of low prices. If one quote is much lower than the rest, you may be inadvertently buying a Clad-over roof. If you’re unsure about the price, ask for more details about the roof construction. 
  • Be sure to compare roof weight, U-Values, and wind and snow load tolerances.
  • When you install a solid roof, it’s important to design in-glass panels within your solid roof. This ensures your new room is bright, as well as warm and cosy during the cooler months. 
  • Always ask to see a copy of your building regulations conformance certificate  BEFORE the build starts. You will need this if you ever sell your house. 
  • When you book your installation, plan to be at home, be vigilant and ensure all beams and bars are removed BEFORE any materials are added. 
  • Before booking an installation, do your research. Look for accreditations, endorsements and reviews. 
  • Make sure you’re covered. Ensure your roof and the installation are both guaranteed and that the guarantees are backed by quality insurance. 



Add Value And Space Without Conservatory

Not everyone loves a conservatory. However, we all love extra space and we want to know that this is usable all year round, versatile, and going to add value to our home. That is why Supercraft not only design and install conservatories and orangeries, but also have another highly popular option: The Solid Roof Extension. With the side walls similar to that of a Conservatory or Orangery, you can opt to have a Bespoke Solid Roof with the perfect balance of sky lights, solid panels, and electric lighting. The result is a room that is a true part of your home 365 days a year, much more permanent looking, and a seamless addition to your home.


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Awkward House or Garden Shape… help?!

In a nutshell, if you’ve got a tricky site, then a bespoke conservatory, orangery or extension is going to be the best solution for you. By utilising Supercraft’s bespoke design service, our expert designers can work with you. They will help you to understand and meet not only your aspirations for your new living space, but how to achieve this within the confines of your boundary and also your budget. By choosing Supercraft, you are choosing experienced designers and fitters.

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