Supercraft offer an energy efficient, weatherproof range of stunning composite doors.

Composite doors – which can be installed at the front or back of a property – consist of a variety of materials, including PVC, wood, insulating foam, and glass reinforced plastic (GRP). The combination of materials is specifically designed to eliminate the flaws found in solid timber or plastic uPVC doors, and create a robust, secure exterior door.

There has been significant growth in the popularity of composite doors over the last 10 years, and it’s easy to see why – there are so many options to choose from, including traditional and contemporary designs, various colours and finishes, plus a range of glass options, so you can tailor a composite door to complement the style of your home and suit your budget.

Not only do they look good, composite doors are also proven to offer the best way to keep the warmth in – thanks to their insulating foam core – and the thieves out. Our Endurance and Signature Collection composite doors are particularly impressive, offering unbeatable strength and outstanding security.

With a lifespan of around 35 years, composite doors offer great value for money too. Their weather-resistant exterior ensures durability, and unlike uPVC doors, they are difficult to scratch, have no risk of warping or fading, and cannot be forcibly levered.

So if you are considering investing in a new exterior door, we recommend taking a look at our wide range of composite door options!

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