An Eco-Friendly Conservatory: Here’s What You Need to Know

We know that we must all reduce our carbon footprints. So, if you’re looking to add a conservatory or improve your home and the environment, start by building an eco-friendly conservatory. For starters, the materials used in the design allow you to save more energy in your home. The warmth you let into your living space through your central heating can escape through cheap, thin materials in an older conservatory. 

Here’s a thought: perhaps, instead of a single layer of glass, you could opt for double or triple glazing throughout your conservatory renovation or build. Choosing windows surrounded by fully recyclable uPVC frames is great, as they work together to create airtight windows that keep your home’s energy in and the cold air out. Of course, every aspect of your eco-friendly conservatory can assist in saving energy. The roof, which insulates your space from above, is an important component. While older glass roofs can often create a greenhouse effect, choosing modern materials can provide more sun protection.

Furthermore, choosing between solid roofs and lightweight tile designs means you can create a similar design to the ceiling you have in your home already. Both of these provide excellent insulation and are completely weatherproof. You can even personalize the design with partial glazing to have complete control over your home’s lighting.

What’s more, in addition to benefiting the environment, an eco-friendly conservatory can get you and your home back in touch with nature. A conservatory can bring your home closer to your garden if you don’t use it as much as you’d like. Double glazing panels throughout the conservatory design allow for stunning views of the garden, and you can choose options such as double-glazed bi-fold doors, which are perfect for inviting more natural light into your home. 

Choosing an eco-friendly conservatory?

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