What’s the difference between a conservatory, orangery or extension?

The decision to improve your home is an exciting one, but there are so many options available, which can often make it difficult to know where to start. Home improvements differ depending on the owner, but we have found that one common question is: What’s the difference between a conservatory, orangery or extension? And which one should you go for? 


Conservatories are usually glass-built structures that were originally introduced to aid the growth of plant life and are traditionally attached to the back of your home. Conservatories are now used as extra living space, so if you need a bit more space at home, a conservatory is a way to go.

Conservatories remain the most popular addition to add valuable space and value to a home. If you’re looking for a stylish entertaining space, cosy family area, a way to maximize surrounding views or a practical home office, Supercraft can design and create your ideal room. Supercraft’s bespoke service sets us apart – you get the perfect conservatory, tailored to your individual requirements, at the best price.


Residence 9 Orangery

Originally designed for the aristocracy, orangeries have become a popular design feature in the United Kingdom. Orangeries were formerly used to support the growth of plant life, but today serve as a year-round living place. Columns support a roof made of internal pelmets and glass panels, which distinguishes orangeries from conservatories. 

If you’re looking to increase the space in your home with style and elegance, then an orangery is a perfect choice. Combining structured brickwork walls with large expanses of glazing, as well as beautiful roofs, orangeries are striking extensions that add value. Light and spacious, yet cosy and warm, they can be used all year round as additional, functional living spaces.


Extensions can be built in a variety of locations in your home and for a variety of purposes. They are an alternative to conservatories or orangeries in that they might include a new kitchen, bedroom, lounge, or dining area. They are built with insulated walls and a roof and are typically used all year. Additionally, those looking to add an extension may require planning approval, and will almost certainly need a building permit approval.

Adding this extension is one of the biggest changes you will make. Supercraft Window has local design experts who are able to guide you through the whole process, ensuring the smooth running of the project every step of the way. From planning, design and installation, whatever you are looking to create we will help you achieve superior results, giving you the perfect additional living space.

If you’re looking to add a conservatory, an orangery, or an extension, give us a call or visit our virtual showroom for more information.