What type of conservatory roof should I choose?

It can be tough to decide which conservatory roof to choose for homeowners wishing to add an extension or breathe new life into an ageing conservatory. You might not know the difference between a solid and a tiled roof because there are so many different replacement roof alternatives. That is why the Supercraft team has compiled this post to provide you with information on conservatory roofs and which type is best for your home.

What is a conservatory roof?

The roof of a conservatory or extension is undoubtedly the most essential aspect of the structure. This roofing system protects the window and door frames from inclement weather in the UK. Glass was a popular conservatory roof design in the 1980s, and over time, this style has been improved to match the needs of modern homeowners. Now, there are a variety of roof options from which to choose. From basic polycarbonate conservatory roofs to glass conservatory roofs, homeowners can now pick from tiled designs, solid composite panel roofs, and roof lanterns.

What is the best type of roof for my conservatory?

The best type of conservatory roof depends on what you’re looking for. A glass design is a preferable alternative if you want a place flooded with light. This roof option allows residents to enjoy the changing seasons from the comfort of their own homes.

A solid or tiled conservatory roof is the ideal choice for homeowners who want to extend their living space beyond their conservatory. These roofing solutions enable you to use your extension all year, regardless of the weather. To make your conservatory blend in with the rest of your home, internal pelmets can be included in both designs.

A solid conservatory roof is an excellent replacement for older polycarbonate models. Glazing panes can be included in the profile, allowing natural light to flood your house. Because of its shape, this roofing profile is more durable, giving you better protection for your home.

The tiled conservatory roofs are available in a variety of colours, which can complement your home’s existing tiles and blend in with the rest of the addition. This roof, like the solid roof design, can include glass panels and an internal pelmet. This option will give your conservatory the appearance of a full-fledged addition.

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