4 Ways To Upgrade Your Front Door

Doors are frequently an afterthought when it comes to the overall appearance of your home, but we have a few tips on how to upgrade your front door this year.

4 Ways to Upgrade Your Front Door

1. Pick a new front door colour

An entry door is a little canvas that can be updated quickly and easily. However, despite the small canvas, changing the colour of your new front door has a significant impact. While you can undoubtedly draw inspiration from your home’s exterior colour scheme, many homeowners prefer to make a dramatic colour choice by choosing a bright and eye-catching swatch. This has long been a popular door design trend since it allows you to express yourself more than the frequently muted tones utilized in traditional exterior paint schemes.

Are you having trouble deciding on a colour? Choose a front door colour that complements your landscaping. Take inspiration from the seasonal blooms of the surrounding flora and trees. You’ll like seeing the small splashes of colour that sprout up to liven up your front entrance and give your curb appeal some consistency.

2. Style your entrance with décor

The possibilities for outdoor home décor are endless. If you can imagine it, you can almost certainly find it. If you can’t locate it, you can make something to style your door to suit your personal preferences. Whether you enjoy changing up your outdoor decorations with the seasons or want to adhere to one style all year, there are a few guidelines to keep in mind when sifting through all the front entrance décor options:

  • Begin at the very bottom. Decorate the area around the door using the steps and space on your porch. You can add a lot more décor to your entryway without making it cluttered or covering it up. Decorating from the ground up also draws attention to your lovely front door and makes a pleasant walkway for visitors.
  • Before the door, give a compliment. Choose front porch décor that complements the colour of your entry door, much like you would with your landscape. Plants, pots, furniture, and pillows in the same or similar hues should be chosen. At the entryway, you can create your own unique colour palette that contrasts with the rest of the façade.
  • Over the entrance door, you can create a contrast. Choose contrasting colours for wreaths, signs, calligraphy, and even welcome mats. Décor in colours that are too similar to the colour of your entry door will blend in. 

3. Accessorize 

You can enhance your front door in a variety of ways, including hanging a wreath or sprinkling some seasonal décor. During the door design process, you could add a variety of actual front door decorations. These beautiful accessories allow you to add architectural aspects to a wood entry door that match your home’s style.

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4. Add glass

Make the door design larger if you want to go all out with your front door improvement. Above the entryway are the transom windows. Sidelights are windows on one or both sides of a structure. Both types of windows provide more room to work with. You can add sophisticated and ornate motifs to your transoms or sidelights by using decorative glass on them. Your entry will appear more modern with clear, unobstructed glass. Not to mention the finishing touches. The window frames can be painted to provide a pop of colour or to draw attention to the windows and front door design.

If you’re ready to change up your entryway, then give us a call or visit our showroom. We also have a fantastic door designer option to help you find a unique front door for your home.