Why Choose a Supercraft Endurance Door?

The Supercraft Endurance Door is renowned for its strength and security—and is superior in both style and performance. Because of their cutting-edge approach to design, Endurance doors boast a 48mm thick solid timber core—meaning they are 10% thicker than most doors—which plays a key role in any homeowner’s sense of security. 

The Supercraft Endurance door comes in three different collections: the Classic Collection, the Urban Collection, and the Country Collection. With over 70 designs to suit any homeowner, a wide range of colours and a choice of different hardware options, each Supercraft Endurance door is completely unique. We’ve put together a list of our top reasons why you should choose a Supercraft Endurance door for your next home renovation project. 

  • Stylish and Contemporary

With over 70 stylish door designs, a wide variety of colours, and a fantastic choice of glazing and hardware accessories within the range, homeowners are sure to find the ideal fit for their home.

  • Solid to the Core

The core of a Supercraft Endurance door is made up of 17 uniquely engineered timber laminates, giving the doors unrivalled strength and quality and homeowners a reassuring sense of security. 

  • Secured by Design

Secured By Design is the official UK Police flagship initiative supporting the principles of ‘designing out crime’. Supercraft Endurance Doors have been designed and tested to reach this standard.

  • Tough Door Skin Technology

The Supercraft Endurance door comes with a hard-wearing door skin technology called CoolSkin®. This technology offers a realistic woodgrain texture while protecting the door against delamination, cracking, bowing or warping.

  • PVCu Door Frame

Our door frames are strong, secure and energy-efficient, and made from environmentally friendly recycled plastic. 

  • Locking Options

The Supercraft Endurance door comes with a variety of excellent Locking Mechanisms that offer a phenomenal degree of security. Homeowners can relax knowing their home is protected by some of the most tried and tested locking technology out there. 

  • Low Maintenance

The Supercraft Endurance door requires virtually no maintenance, which means homeowners won’t have to do things like a repaint or varnish it. With only an occasional wipe down, the outer layer of the door will stay looking like the day it was installed.

  • Thermally Toughened Glazing 

With a selection of stylish decorative glazing which has been thermally toughened, the Endurance door range offers the best in security while also looking beautiful. 

  • Excellent Insulation and Weather Resistance

With a combination of excellent materials and outstanding insulation, the Endurance doors are well insulated and repel even the most extreme British weather conditions. 

  • Expert Installation and 10-Year Guarantee

A Supercraft Endurance door is professionally installed by our accredited installation teams and come with a 10-year guarantee—independently underwritten by an insurance company. Homeowners will feel assured that their purchase with Supercraft is secure and maintained. 

If you’re interested in a Supercraft Endurance door, contact Supercraft today. Call us on 01782 266 488 or visit our website: www.supercraftwindows.co.uk