Strength and Protection

Supercraft’s Double Glazed Glass units not only provide strength and protection, but offer solar control, acoustic, and thermal protection.

More Energy-Efficient Homes

At Supercraft Windows, we ensure that your installation is conducted by a team of experienced installers, with quality customer service. A double-glazed glass unit has two panes of glass set into a frame, which creates a sandwich of glass with a pocket of air commonly filled with argon gas. This safe and non-reactive gas increases the window’s resistance to energy transfer and provides a better barrier against outside temperatures than single-glazed windows—thus making your home more energy-efficient. 

On completion of glass cutting and edge working, the Supercraft glass panels are automatically washed in the vertical to remove all dirt particles and then the glass is dried. The two sheets of glass are then placed onto a DG Unit line and separated by either aluminium or thermally insulated spacer bar. The entire manufacturing process ensures the lifespan of the panels.

Chamfered Casement Anthracite Grey
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What are the benefits of double glazing?

Double glazing makes such a difference to energy efficiency in your home that building regulations were set in 2002, and state that all replacement windows must be a minimum double glazed C rated – unless the property is a listed building or in a conservation area. The benefits of Double Glazed Glass units are fantastic and do the following:

  • Reduce noise from outside
  • Retain more heat, keep your home warmer in the winter
  • Reduce condensation on your windows
  • Reduce the amount of energy you use to heat your home
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Add value to your home

If you’re thinking of upgrading your windows, all our windows are custom made. 

If you have an extra cold room that doesn’t get light, a room that gets too much sun, or a bedroom facing a noisy road – we can provide the perfect Supercraft window. 

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