Yale GripLock

Introducing the UK’s strongest, safest and most secure window lock.
This revolutionary new window lock has been developed and patented by Yale Door and Windows Solutions.
This casement locking system with a multi-point locking system is able to achieve three times more contact in the frame compared to a standard window lock.
The Yale lock has undergone stringent independent durability and security tests which have exceeded British Standards.


The fantastic locking system is now included as standard in all UPVC Windows and Doors from Supercraft, and you can’t get it anywhere else. Call today on 01782 266488 to find out more.

Ultimate Safety & Security

The GripLock Casement lock is a multi-point locking system for ultimate security. In addition and as standard we use a Fab&Fix Handle, a Yale 6 Pin Cylinder lock, Yale Hinge Guards and the Yale Friction Stay system for ultimate safety and security.
This lock has been independently force tested to withstand over 4700 Newtons of Force making it the strongest and most secure lock in the UK.

Testing Process

This revolutionary locking system has been through the most rigorous testing process to prove its astonishing strength and security tested to over 30,000 repetitions that’s 42 years of standard use so its built to last.
In addition is has been independently Force tested, Weather tested and tested under extreme temperature making the GripLock the most secure and durable lock in the UK, and it’s exclusive to Supercraft Windows™



Introducing GripLock from Yale, the Strongest and most secure lock in the UK.