Safety, Security & Style.

Supercraft Endurance Doors are renowned for their strength and security, without compromising on style. At 48mm thick and with cross-bonded laminations, a Supercraft Endurance Door delivers unmatched strength and stability.

Secure and Strong

 Supercraft Endurance Doors have been designed and tested to reach the highest standards.They feature a secure and strong design without compromising on style. 

Solid Timber Core

Supercraft’s Endurance Door range are made from 17 unique engineered timber laminates which is why they’re so secure. We call it Endurance for a reason!

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Security as standard

The standard involves the following tests:
• A manual attack on the locking hardware with tools including
a crow bar and mole grips.
• Unlimited number of 3 minute attacks on the door cylinder
using a range of tools such as craft knives and screw drivers.
• 3 minute manual attack using chisels and brick bolsters to
gain entry through the door.
• Hard body impact test – impacts are applied to the door leaf at
hinge points and locking points using a 50kg steel impactor.


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