We have incorporated Homeline products to be able to offer you extra services

Here at Supercraft we can also install Homeline roofing and replace timber Fascia Boards, Soffits, Barge Boards and Cladding with modern, uPVC alternatives. We also provide extra services such as the Solid Roof and Front Porches for extra additions to your home to make it just that little bit more special.

Front Porch

The addition of a porch serves many purposes, improving the overall look and feel of your home, providing a practical space where you can store shoes and coats, and adding security. A porch is often a practical solution to home-living in the British climate as well as heightening the security of your home. Designed appropriately, they can transform the front aspect of your home.



Whilst taking into account Building Regulations, porches provide an additional layer to the security of your home. Porch windows and doors can be installed with the very best in Supercraft security options, ensuring that your home is truly protected. We ensure you have high security hinges and handles, multi-point locking systems, dog bolts and anti-bump/snap cylinders on doors, making your porch as secure as your main home. This makes a porch invaluable for storing possessions and enhancing the living space of your home.


Anyone living in Britain knows the logistics of the to-ing and fro-ing from home, especially when multiple family members are involved and possibly children and pets. A porch helps to transform these stress points of the day by providing a separate area for gearing up and gearing down. Hats, coats, shoes, umbrellas, can all have their own designated area without impinging on the home itself, whilst also being somewhere warm and dry away from the elements in these transition periods.

Cost Effective

For a low cost investment, a porch can improve your living space immeasurably. As well as providing the transition hot-spot to your home and a storage space for the paraphernalia of taking on the British weather, a porch provides a cosy, welcoming entrance to your home. Wherever you once stored coats and shoes is now free to use for an alternative purpose.

Planning And Building

Any home improvements can seem daunting to the uninitiated in terms of planning and building restrictions and regulations. Our expertise in this area means you don’t have to worry about a thing.  We will ensure any extension on your home is fully compliant. Most porches, depending on the size, come under ‘permitted development’, and as such won’t require planning permission. This means porches can be a speedy and time-efficient addition to your home. Our design experts are on-hand to ensure your porch meets any relevant restrictions of permitted development as well as ensuring your new porch meets your needs.

Building Regulations

As with planning permission, porches are often exempt from build regulations, but again, our experts can explain and guide you through the process. The key point to bear in mind is that your original entryway and door to your home must remain in place. This simply means that your new porch becomes a double line of defence in the security of your home.

Solid Roof

Replacing the roof on your extension, conservatory or orangery can be a costly and daunting prospect. Our technical experts are on-hand to ensure you understand the process and the options available. Whatever the size, age and style of your property, we have the design and installation experts for the job. We specialise in the Guardian Roof and LivinROOF.

Solid Roof

Edwardian Roof

For rooms with a classic shape roof, the Edwardian design is aesthetically pleasing and elegant. The shape of the roof ensures that you benefit from the full ceiling height making your conservatory or orangery feels light and spacious

Victorian Roof

Offering elegance and style, the Victorian Guardian roof works with an attractive facet finish to complete the look of your conservatory or orangery. The result is beautiful design that doesn’t compromise on thermal efficiency.

Lean-To Roof

A striking benefit of a Guardian Roof is that it is capable of a very shallow pitch, down to as low as fifteen degrees if necessary. This makes it a valuable roofing option for Lean-To style traditional conservatories and orangeries that may not be able to fit in a steeper pitch. Within the roof itself you can also incorporate windows if you choose.

Gable End

Match your gable ended windows with the Gable Ended Guardian Roof System allowing you to benefit from the enhanced lighting from the wonderfully high ceiling.

Combination Roof

When looking for something unique, the Guardian Warm Roof System can be tailor-designed to meet your requirements. The Combination roof allows you to bring together two different styles to maximise your living space potential. When considering a P-Shaped or T-Shaped Orangery or Conservatory then a Combination Roof is the right choice for you.

Boards and Soffits

We have two types of boards that we offer, Fascia and Barge boards. We also as an addition to the boards, provide Soffits. These are all high quality products, recognised by the BBA (British Board of Agreement). They are covered under the 10 years guarantee


Fascia Boards

Many old Fascia Boards are wooden, but wood is very porous, so – once water has breached the outside of your roof – it is only a matter of time before wooden Fascia Boards will need replacing. This is the advantage that uPVC Fascia Boards have; as Fascia Boards will not rot and will never need painting. All they require is an occasional clean.

We are experienced in the installation of Fascia Boards for homes and offices in Stoke. All our uPVC Fascia Boards conform with environmental legislation.

Barge Boards

Supercraft can fit Barge Boards to the apex or gable end of your property. Barge boards are designed to conceal and protect exposed roof timbers.

All of our Barge Boards are manufactured from uPVC, which helps to protect your roof timbers from rotting and decaying.


As well as offering a wide range of Fascia Boards, Supercraft also provide Soffits; which are the underside of the fascia. Along with our Fascia Boards, our Soffits help preserve timber roof structures and brickwork.

Supercraft offer a wide range of Soffits, Soffit vents and flat boards. All Supercraft’s Soffits are manufactured from high quality uPVC, to ensure your roof stays in perfect condition for many years to come.


Supercraft’s Cladding is an efficient way to renovate any home and office in Stoke. Supercraft’s cladding can be fitted horizontally or diagonally; depending on what’s right for your property. All our Cladding is covered under our 10 year guarantee.

Black Cladding

Cladding Styles

Our Cladding is available in 3 different styles (including embossed wood grain effect).

Cladding Colours

Supercraft provide cladding within 5 different colours to help suit your property perfectly.


Cladding is a great substitute for traditional timber Cladding; reducing maintenance costs and providing excellent durability. It can also help to improve your properties insulation.

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Our Homeline installations all are:

  • Approved by the BBA (British Board of Agreement)
  • Complies with environmental legislation
  • Comes with a 10 year guarantee
  • Exceeds all ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management Systems

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