A Modern Alternative To Traditional Blinds.

Integrated Blinds offer unrivaled, industry-leading performance, quality and durability. Available in bespoke sizes, our Integrated Blinds range will meet the needs of your window, door and conservatory.

Convenience and Durability

  • No dusting, easy to maintain
  • No exposed cords reduce safety risks
  • Blinds move in sync with doors and windows, and are never in the way
  • Blinds are thermally sealed between two panels of glass

Control Light and Privacy

  • Visual Privacy – Create a wide open view or enjoy complete privacy
  • Natural Light-  Open for maximum light or closed to reduce glare and solar heat gain.

Energy Efficient

Provides the thermal performance of insulated glass with the additional benefits of operable integral blinds. Not only do blinds provide control over privacy and natural light, but they also let homeowners control the amount of solar heat that enters the room.



With over 5 million blinds sold, a quality rate of 99.5%, and a 10-year warranty, you can be confident with out Integrated Blinds range.

Blinds go through a series of reliability tests including:

  • 10,000 raise & lower cycles
  • UV Test
  • Slam Test
  • Ship Test

This is backed by a full 5 Year Guarantee.

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