WarmCore Windows

Why settle for basic when you could have luxury? WarmCore’s folding, sliding aluminium doors allow you to open up a room and bring your garden inside- ideal for the warm summer months. The folding sliding door system incorporates a radically different product design approach that’s both aesthetically pleasing and thermally efficient.

Bi-Fold Doors

WarmCore Doors

You want beautiful, strong and secure aluminium windows that won’t let heat escape, and here at Supercraft we aim to tick all these boxes with Warmcore windows. Warmcore windows are 25% more thermally efficient than the competition, ensuring maximum style and minimum heat loss.


Why Choose Warmcore Doors?

  • Warmcore doors have a hidden orange thermal core, which makes them 25% more thermally efficient
  • They’re strong and secure and come with class leading security built in
  • They’re backed by a comprehensive 10 year product guarantee, so you’re covered for any accidental breaks or damages
  • You can choose from a variety of opening options, colours and styles

Choosing A WarmCore Folding Sliding Door Style

All Warmcore doors are highly thermally efficient, secure and beautiful to look at- but when it comes to design, the versatility of Warmcore’s folding, sliding doors mean there’s an ideal door for everyone.

Choose between inwards or outwards opening doors up to 6m wide, with as many as 7 opening sashes to glide along custom designed tracks. There’s also a wealth of colour options to browse, to help you choose the ideal WarmCore door for your property. For more information, feel free to contact us.

Why Choose WarmCore For Your Windows?

  • Warmcore windows have multipoint locking to ensure maximum safety
  • They allow you to adjust and regulate the temperature in your home with a variety of opening options
  • Warmcore’s thermal efficiency means you can save energy-and bills- during winter months
  • Warmcore offers a choice of colours, bead styles and sill options to suit everyone

Choosing A WarmCore Window Design

The ultimate in clean, modern aesthetics, WarmCore’s flush sash window design uses a steeped outer frame, with the sash sitting on the same plane as the rest of the window.

The more versatile option, WarmCore’s tilt and turn windows are ideal for upstairs locations and can be tilted in for ventilation, or swung inwards for when you want to bring the weather inside your property. Using safe and secure multipoint locking, WarmCore’s tilt and turn windows are perfect for modernising any property.

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WarmCore Brochures

An overview of WarmCore. Learn about the different styles and find what shape and size will best fit your property. We have lots of different styles that we cover in detail, showing you images and descriptions of various products we offer to you. Download a brochure now…