Supercraft Slimline Integral Blinds

Supercraft Slimline Integral Blinds are an advanced tilting and lifting Venetian Blind system designed for both domestic and commercial applications and are the ideal choice for conservatories, bi-fold doors, kitchens and bathrooms as well as many other varied applications.

Why choose The Supercraft Slimline Integral Blind System?

The system requires zero maintenance and is operated by an external mechanism attached to the internal face of the Window/Door enabling the owner to regulate their own comfort or privacy. The Supercraft Integral Blinds are available for manual use, (cord or slider), can be powered by the mains or solar controlled, and come in a range of colours enhancing the energy efficiency of the sealed unit—providing substantial savings on heating bills. 

Manually operated Supercraft SLIMLINE INTEGRAL BLINDS are now available to us on a ten working day delivery from order. Additionally, they are supplied as an easy fit with the operating mechanism pre-fitted to alleviate issues on fitting and saving on installation time.

What are the benefits?

These Supercraft Integral Blinds offer outstanding control against glare and heat build-up and are operated by an external drive system, which means the user can regulate their own comfort and privacy. We exclusively use a system of blinds that are assembled and permanently sealed within the double glazed unit cavity. 

  • Energy-efficient blind system
  • Provide privacy and comfort all year round
  • Require no cleaning
  • Permanent fixture
  • Provide damage protection
  • Reduce energy bills
  • Approved by the BBSA’s Code of Practice
  • 100% Maintenance-free system


Integral Blinds

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