Millions of homes throughout Europe and the UK are already enjoying the benefits of THERMAGLAS 


What is Supercraft THERMAGLASS

Our Supercraft Thermaglas is a glass unit filled with argon gas, which performs 145% better than a standard double unit. THERMAGLAS combined with double or triple glazing can help reduce even more heat from escaping your home, therefore reducing your energy bills even further. Our Supercraft THERMAGLAS is produced by one of the world’s largest manufacturers of flat glass, with millions of homes across the UK and Europe enjoying the product’s many benefits. 

With a high-performance coating, Supercraft THERMAGLAS helps reflect heat from your very own heating system back into your home. Additional benefits include a neutral coating that provides clarity, better than most low e glasses, as well as lower carbon emissions which lead to less energy consumption. Furthermore, this product ensures compliance with Document L building regulations. 

Supercraft THERMAGLAS units carry a 10-year guarantee and comply with BS EN 1279.

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