Advantages of Aluminium Windows and Doors

Aluminium windows and doors are quickly becoming one of the most popular materials installed in both homes and commercial buildings across the UK, thanks to their perfect balance of design and performance. What are the advantages of aluminium windows and doors, though? And, how does aluminium compare to other materials like uPVC, wood, and steel?

Although different options will suit different individuals or projects, and there is no perfect answer as to which material is the “best,” this post will focus on the advantages of aluminium. So, here are five reasons why we believe aluminium windows and doors might be better.


Aluminium simply looks attractive to a lot of people. Owners of both homes and businesses will have preferences about which products seem better. Some people prefer the uPVC look, while others prefer the natural beauty of wood—but many people agree that aluminium windows and doors are a great option for a trendy and modern appeal. Aluminium requires less frame to support the weight of the glass because of its strength, allowing for greater glass surfaces. This is very advantageous and appealing in modern constructions, especially when compared to uPVC, which requires a larger frame.

Durability and strength

Aluminium windows and doors are incredibly sturdy and lasting, providing numerous advantages. Aluminium is a non-rusting and corrosion-resistant material, making it ideal for enduring the elements – whether it’s the corrosive British rain or the ferocious winds of the seashore. Although modern steel window and door systems will have rust protection, there is no such risk with aluminium, and because of its sturdy structure, aluminium is preferred over conventional wood products in high-wind regions.

Furthermore, the strength of aluminium windows and doors ensures a longer product life and increased security for your house or business.

Easy to maintain

Aluminium windows and doors require very minimal maintenance if installed and manufactured by professionals. These products are corrosion and weather-resistant, as well as easy to maintain—the elegant framework only requires a clean wipe every now and again. When compared to other materials, such as wood, aluminium requires significantly less upkeep.


Timber and steel products are both more expensive than aluminium, with steel being pricier. Different products may be appropriate for different projects, but aluminium is a low-cost material that does not require compromises in terms of strength, durability, or style. Aluminium is more expensive when compared to uPVC. However, because of the material’s long product life and the low maintenance required by the doors and windows, aluminium may be considered less expensive in the long run.

Environmentally friendly

Aluminium is a sustainable material that is 100 per cent recyclable, making it far more eco-friendly than uPVC and aiding in the reduction of timber loss. Aluminium windows and doors are also advantageous in that they can keep heat inside your homes, businesses, and structures, reducing the need for heating. Once again, this is a personal preference, but one advantage of aluminium is its ability to maintain a low carbon footprint.

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