Wellness Benefits of Skylights

If you are planning to build a new home or remodel an existing one, you may want to include glass walls and picturesque doors in your architectural design. That’s a good thing because many recent studies confirm what we’ve inherently known—that a stronger connection with nature benefits us both mentally and physically.

Additionally, while glass walls and doors are an excellent way to connect your home to the outdoors, we shouldn’t overlook skylights. Most architectural layouts can benefit from skylights, and in some cases, they can be even more effective than windows and doors at delivering the health benefits that natural light and fresh air provide. And, of course, there’s nothing quite like lying down on your house or apartment floor, looking up and seeing nothing but sky through your magnificent skylight. 

It’s not simply the sensation of awe that comes with staring skyward that will awaken your senses; there are numerous recognized health benefits of exposure to natural light, which include the production of Vitamin D—essential for bone and muscle health and metabolism. Roof lights can help your family’s health in a variety of ways, from assisting in the management of sleep cycles to fortifying the immune system.

Ultraframe Skylight
Ultraframe Skylight

Better sleep, brighter mornings

With fixed skylights in the bedroom, you can sleep peacefully under the stars. The sun can also act as nature’s alarm clock in this position, which can help regulate your circadian rhythm and increase your overall sense of well-being.

On a cellular level, most living species have an internal clock. Our internal clock and circadian rhythms regulate many of our vital biological functions, and the amount and type of light we receive during the day has a significant impact on how our circadian rhythms function. Over the recent years, we are not just less affected by the sun’s movement, but we are also exposed to far less natural light, resulting in poor sleep and an increase in mental and physical ailments. Fortunately, we can alleviate many of the negative consequences of our modern schedules and the pandemic by properly designing living spaces and implementing modern technologies.

Better mood and increased productivity

When adding skylights to your home, you increase the amount of natural light flooding in—providing great benefits such as an improvement in your mood. Not only that, but natural light can even increase your overall productivity and creativity, while also reducing anxiety and stress and adding comfort to your living space.

A breath of fresh air

Many people overlook how effective skylights are at bringing fresh air into indoor spaces and removing hot, polluted air. Opening a window to bring in the fresh air from the outside cool evenings is a simple approach to reducing inside temperatures without using an air conditioner. If you take advantage of the stack effect by adding a venting skylight near the highest point of the home, the cooling process can be significantly accelerated.

Energy efficiency

Property owners can lessen their overall reliance on artificial lighting by taking advantage of ample daylight throughout the year. Not only does this result in a more appealing living or working area, but it also means lower utility expenses, which may be used to offset the cost of a skylight over time.

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