Why You Should Replace Your Windows During Spring

There are several good reasons why spring is such a popular season for home remodelling. Sunny spring days have a way of energizing us and creating a sense of productivity. It is a terrific time to get things done around the house—from spring cleaning the junk collected over the previous months to revitalizing our décor. So, open the windows, get some fresh air, and start the spring cleaning project—and pay attention to those old-fashioned and broken windows. But is it time for replacement windows?

Replacing windows is a big investment, but if you notice any of these signs, then it might be time for an upgrade. Drafty windows can be a pain, and the cost of a window replacement seems reasonable compared to lofty energy bills during the summer months. Another thing to consider is the window frames. No amount of repairs will help if frames are soft or cracked, and even worse, warped. Additionally, summer means more outdoor activities, so you might notice that your old windows aren’t as soundproof as they once were. Lastly, condensation can be the main sign of poor energy efficiency, which means you’ll have to run your cooling system more to keep your home comfortable during summer.

So, why should you replace your windows during spring?

Get a fresh, new look this spring

New windows are an excellent way to finish your spring cleaning with a lovely style improvement. New windows during spring mean your home will look stunning inside and out, providing natural lighting and great curb appeal. From bay windows to casement windows, spring has so much in store for your home.

Air out your home

During the winter, our windows aren’t open very much. And now that spring has arrived, everyone wants to let some fresh air in. However, opening the windows might be tough if they’ve been shut for a while and are otherwise difficult to operate. New windows allow you to air out your home after a long, damp, and musty winter. From awning windows that let in a soft breeze during spring showers to casement windows that provide easy ventilation above the kitchen sink, we’ve got what you need this spring.

Save on energy bills this summer

If your windows are old and drafty, you may have had to pay exorbitant energy bills this winter. During the summer, don’t continue to waste money on ineffective windows. Using double and triple-glazed glass, and UV-resistant coatings, you can enjoy plenty of energy-saving features when you opt for modern replacement windows.

Easy installation during the spring months

In the spring, there are additional daylight hours, allowing you to finish your project sooner. Because of the cooler temperatures and lower humidity, window installation is also more pleasant in the spring. Getting new windows in the spring is therefore a no-brainer—for both you and window contractors.